Skies of Dinotopia

Breathe deep, seek peace

Written by Azonthus

Sometime in early 2005, when the members of the Official Dinotopia Message Board learned of the coming exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum , the idea of another Dinotopian gathering began to form in my raptorian mind. The Dinotopia in DC convention had gone well, so why not try it again with a whole new batch of Dinotopians?

I wrote to James Gurney and he loved the idea. After much planning, the Stockbridge Stomp came into being during the weekend of March 17-18, 2006 . Members from as near as Rhode Island and as far away as Puerto Rico attended. It was wonderful seeing Tamith, Aravis, and Rusty again and meeting Quickstride and her boyfriend.

Activities at the Stomp included a dinner where everyone got to meet for the first time, going to the Gurney’s house for a tour of his studio, photo session for the next book, and lunch, viewing the exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum , and dinner at the Widow Bingham’s Tavern in the Red Lion Inn. Mrs. Gurney cooked a wonderful Dinotopian meal of split-pea soup, multi-grain bread, apple cake, cheese, and fruit juice.

While Mrs. Gurney was making lunch, James Gurney gave us a tour of his studio and pre-viewing of some paintings that have yet to be published or in any exhibit. I won’t say much about them other than they involved Thermala and more paintings of Skybax. To top off the whole trip to his house, JG photographed each of us and has put us in a painting that will be in the next book!

The staff of the Norman Rockwell Museum was beyond generous to us. They gave us free admission, provided snacks of juice and cookies, and held the museum open an hour later just for us so we could photograph the exhibit. Because pictures are not allowed to be taken of anything in the museum, we had to obtain special permission. Please, do not copy any of the images on these pages.

In thanks for their kindness, I have waited until the exhibit closed to upload my copies of the images to the internet so as to avoid any form of competition for them. The links below will lead you to photographs of the exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum , starting at the beginning and leading you through to the end, picture by picture. I hope you enjoy your virtual tour through the exhibit!