Skies of Dinotopia

Breathe deep, seek peace

Guest Registry

This guest registry was saved from the City of Mists. The first entries were Azonthus and Boojinko in 2000, and all of the entries after 2006 were lost. Many lack dates.

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Azonthus Sharpclaw, a 17-year old native saurian therapod living in Treetown.

Azonthus is a Rainy Basin refugee. She was born there and lived there until a few years ago when she decided to join the civilization of Dinotopia. She is covered in scars from fights with larger therapods, the three most prominent being across her face. Azonthus is reddish on the back with yellow stripes fading to pink on the belly. A red, black, and white arm band is always on her arm, a gift from a friend in the Basin. She took up residence in Tree Town for the easy access to the Basin. Az stays there when she is not running messages.

Azonthus was the creator of the City of Mists and the original Keeper of the Registry. Her signature is the first in this images/art, having been signed on January 1, 2000.
Boojinko, a saurian of unknown age living in Culubra.

Hi, me Boojinko the Teller. Me live in forest outside Culebra in raptor clan. Me small Utahraptor, about the size of Megaraptor. Me wear harliquin’s mask on face ’cause in scratched up bad. Me sail and tell stories. Me have red back and yellow belly.

It appears that Boojinko's is the next-oldest signature in the Registry, having signed it on January 15, 2000.
Alexia, a 25-year old dolphinback living in Canyon City.

I was shipwrecked here about 10 years ago, since then I have found my place here. My saurian friend is a skybax called Sagebrush. I have sleek, black hair, milky skin, and a slender figure, but don’t let my appearance fool you….I am a lot tougher then I look. I do have a small habit of disappearing when trouble starts. I prefer to keep to myself. I have been here so long I have forgotten what my real name is….so I now go by Alexia.
Alkazra, a 17-year old dolphinback living in Canyon City.

Originally from England, I have been on the island for four years now. I suffered almost total amnesia after the storm which brought me here hit the ship I was on, which is why I now go by a new Dinotopian name. Because of my lack of memories I wished to make some, which is why I became a skybax rider. My job means that I can travel all over the island with my partner Mirajai and we love what we do. My hair is blond, my eyes are blue and my skin is very fair. I am quite tall (by human, not saurian standards!) have a medium build and my clothes are those of an apprentice. Mirajai is a fully mature skybax. His impressive wings are colored orange, pink and yellow and his eyes are a piercing black.
Brynn Rillreva, an 18-year old dolphinback who temporarily resides at the Haven of the Muses as she adapts to the island.

Mother, Father, twin brother (older than me by 5 minutes), younger sister (by 1 year and 3 months) and myself were on a private cruise from Queensland Australia when a storm hit in the early afternoon and huge waves flipped the boat upside down. The next morning, I awoke on a beach. I wandered back and forth along the length of the beach, trying to find any signs of my family. I did this for about a week with no sign of any of them at all. After a week with no sign of my family and a diet of coconuts and raw fish, I decided to head east inland so I could find fresh water and some berries at least. I was found and sent on to Waterfall City to register and to learn how to fit into the Dinotopian
Cameron, an over 200-year old dolphinback living everywhere and nowhere.

Our ship was wrecked during a violent storm, I’m told. My mother was able to get ashore with the aid of the dolphins; however, she died a year later from an illness that had been plaguing her ever since that night. In my mother’s journal, which she gave me just before she died, it tells me what had happened to my father. Apparently, the day before the storm, a fellow seaman hadn’t been paying attention to what he was doing and ended up clouting my father on the back of his head, sending him over board. The man didn’t realize he had done this so my father wasn’t missed until much later. The man remembered something jarring a beam he was holding. I was adopted by a native family, after my mother died. And spent many years in the quest of knowledge, wisdom, and those little fruit thingies.
Charlotte Rhodes-Ellis, a dolphinback in her 50s living in Sky City.

I have been in Sky City many years. Several saurians bring me thread and findings for my craft is beautiful needlework. I spend much too much time alone with my projects. Today feels different, I feel something is about to happen. I have come to The City to study costumes in the library. I hope to make some lovely costumes for the next big parade. This is a special day —I can feel an adventure in the air!
Ellie Anne Clothier, a dolphinback of unknkown age living in Waterfall City. She has quite the footnote below that mentions her frequent Rainy Basin visits to see Amber, her raptor partner, as well as extensive time spent in Treetown and Thermala.

I arrived on a white dolphin called Judith. I have studied at the Library at Waterfall city and went to Treetown camp as studies with Dinosaurs, also I have helped at the hatchery and made friends with a guy called Richard with a big Skybax and he let me ride her with him once. My Friends are mainly saurian in the Rainy Basin I think. Amber and I have just had our Cumspirtik Ceremony. We will celebrate with chocolate tonight!
Craig Hoffman, a 16-year old dolphinback living in Sky City.

I have found great joy here, only to experience the loss of my birth place and friends there. But all is part of a journey, that fortunately, I do not have to face alone. My companions to this wondrous place are Xavier, and Laura, both my friends for life. Some of my new found friends are Kshaara, a velociraptor who helped me in my most troubling times.
Gideon, a 30-something dolphinback living in Tentpole of the Sky.

After a rip-roaring adventure, Gideon and his friends finally reached the Forbidden Mountains.

Gideon Mallory, a 33 year old musician originally from Boston, Mass. Set sail to the Far East but a storm wrecked the ship he was aboard and he awoke on the the coast of Dinotopia. The minstrel has taken temporary residence there whilst he collects information for a planned book of songs and poems.

A gentle and sensitive man, Gideon also displays adventuresome traits and he is no coward! He looks forward to traveling, exploration and discovery before translating his journals into songs.
Gareth, formerly Dragonsbane, an 18-year old dolphinback who now wanders the island as a loner.

I'm a loner who wanders the road helping out where it is needed and working on my swordsmanship (yes you heard that right).
Hotaru K, a 20-year old dolphinback living in Thermala.

A few years back my family and I went on a round the world cruise and a storm came up. Like all dolphinbacks i was rescued by a dolphin. Not long after I spent some time in Treetown getting to know Dinotopia and it’s wonderful inhabitants, both human and saurian. By about one year later, I was settled in Waterfall City, working as a songwriter. When I learned of Thermala and it’s mild climate, I couldn’t help but move there. Sure, I had come to love Dinotopia as my home by now, but I got a little homesick. Thermala was a second home for me. There I met a young saurian, a Velociraptor named Nehelenia and we’ve been very close since then. She is probably the best saurian friend I’ve ever had!
James A. Blanchard, a 19-year old dolphinback living in the Rainy Basin.

Born in the United States, I have always valued a peaceful way of life. I joined the United States Army to see places and visit new lands. Unknown to me that on my flight to Japan the plane was suddenly captured in a freak storm and was downed. The worse part was that I lost my whole squad in the accident. I was brought to your island by some dolphins. I look forward in starting a new life here.
Aravis, a 17-year old dolphinback living in Canyon City.

I’m 3 mothers Hindu. I have long back hair, tan skin and blue eyes. basically I was born on the island, my mother died in childbirth. After she died my father thought there was no reason for him to stay on the island. He left. I still don’t know how he got off the island. We moved to India where I lived a lot of my life. from India we moved to England where I attended part of JR high school. While growing up I NEVER fit in with the people around me, I had always known I was from somewhere else. When I was 15 my father died. I was left alone with my older sister. I decided to start a quest to find where I was from. While looking some where in the Indian Ocean my ship was pulled through a raging storm. The ship crashed on the island. There I found out from the Great Library at Waterfall City all the information related to my past. Now I have been here 2 years, I am in training to become a forest habitat partner. My best friends are Tamith, Xolani, Tirana Ki.
Jessica Jones, a 12-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

My friend is Melanie.
Johnathan Talor Jones, a 15-year old dolphinback living in Treetown.

Hello, my name is Johnathan. I am a amateur scientist and inventor, as well as an apprentice skybax rider. I stumbled across Arthur Denison’s journal in an old book shop near the edge of town. I was an orphan, so I worked and saved enough money to buy passage on a small liner heading for Australia. Once there, I bought a small boat and set off for Dinotopia. Luckily, one of the currents got hold of my boat, and after grounding on the reef and a short swim, I landed on Dinotopia, just East of Volcaneum. After getting some food and sleep at a nearby farm, I got a ride to Waterfall City with some smiths hauling a bunch of iron. In Waterfall City, I started to study to become a Skybax rider. Having already learned the alphabet from Prof. Denison’s journal, I was a quick study. I made my way slowly towards Canyon city by way of Treetown and the Rainy Basin. At Pteros I met my mount and partner Zephyr. After many days I had finished training, and am now an apprentice Skybax ! rider. I am all over the island delivering news, but have a permanent home in Treetown, although I visit Waterfall and Canyon City on a regular basis. Fly high, breath deep, seek peace.
Matana, a 24-year old dolphinback living in Thermala.

I am relatively new to Dinotopia. I’ve been living on the island for about a year now. I came here by way of a sea storm that deposited my sister and I on the Dragonfly Coast, not too far from Sauropolis. the people there were very gracious and my sister and I grew to love Dinotopia as if we had lived here our whole lives. Boss was the first being we met here…a saurian Achelousaurus. He found my sister and I while we were still unconscious and helped us by staying with us until we woke up and then carrying us to Sauropolis on his back. It seemed like a dream at first, but after we fully recovered in Sauropolis, we were told everything about Dinotopia from a native nurse there named Nicoletta. She of course was human and we stayed with her for the next month while we learned the ways and customs of Dinotopia. after a month of classes and long talks with Nicoletta we then met with the mayor of Sauropolis and he deemed us fit to leave and live on our own in any area of Dinotopia we wanted. Nicoletta and I had become very close so I wanted to stay in Sauropolis with her, but my sister wanted to go to Waterfall City. being a dancer and singer, she had heard of the love, respect and nurture they had for the arts there and decided to go and study. she now lives in the musicians quarter there. we still keep in touch and I visit her as often as I can. For a while, Nicoletta and I lived in Sauropolis and I learned the art of healing and helped her in her nursing duties but about 4 months ago her father got seriously ill and could not leave his home. Nicoletta and I traveled to Thermala to be with him and try to either heal him or make his last days as comfortable as possible. fortunately, we were able to heal him and I am happy to report that he is still doing well, but the sickness he had was a wakeup call for Nicoletta and she decided that she could not go back to Sauropolis. she did not want to be that far away from her father in case he came down with the sickness again. since I love and support her I stayed as well, and we have now made a home for ourselves here in Thermala. neither Nicoletta nor myself has a saurian life partner yet, however we both have many saurian friends, Boss still being my first and greatest. I look forward to meeting new friends here in Dinotopia and can’t wait to meet you all.
Melanie Eliza Worthington, a 17-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

On my way to France, to marry a man my father wished connected to our wealthy family, I was shipwrecked on the shores of Dinotopia. I took up residence in Waterfall City to study philosophy and poetry, and became reborn into a world of unlimited possibilities and self fulfillment. I have no partner, human or saurian, as of now, though I hope to find one to travel with in the near future.
Olek Alek Borsuk, an over 200-year old dolphinback living in Treetown.

In the year 1796, on my 18th birthday, I became very disillusioned with life and all those around me. So I built myself a boat and provisioned it and cast off to sail around the world in search of a life with meaning and beauty. I encountered a tremendous storm, I lost my boat and surely would have perished if not for the kindness and strength of a beautiful Dolphin named Squeaker. She carried me for two full days and captured fish for me to eat and finally brought me to this wonderful land of Dinotopia. I am not stranded, for this place is the very one I sought, without knowing it of course. This has been my home ever since and I have spent my time traveling the length and breadth of this Island, sketching and painting it’s wonders and falling in love with it’s gentle people.
Riss T’ill, a dolphinback of unknown age living in Treetown.

I was the only survivor on a ship that was caught in a fierce storm. I manage to fall overboard, and was rescued by dolphins before a large wave engulfed the entire ship. Luckily there was a small group of Dinotopians camping near the shore where the dolphins drop me off.

I was found by a young dinosaur which led me to the campsite. There I was taken care of and I learned that I was on Dinotopia, a place where humans and dinosaurs live together.

During my stay at the camp, I became close friends with a small Leaellynasura ( with was the young dinosaur who discovered me) by the name of Januss Greenrunner. We both traveled to Waterfall City to learn the ways of Dinotopia, and on to Treetown with became my new home.

From there on, Januss and I had many adventures together, but that’s another story.
Runi the Poet, also known as Runique E Archer, a 15-year old dolphinback living with her protoceratops partner Xortazw in the Haven of the Muses in Waterfall City.

Was shipwrecked 1 year ago. Met group of northern plain farmers who were on their to Treetown in accord with the six-year-storm evacuation. Stayed in Treetown for summer. In fall, traveled to Waterfall City to become citizen. Met Xortazw, and began studies in Poetry and Philosophy.
Brijen, a 15-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

I crashed on Dinotopia with my best friend Denk about four years ago, we where the only ones on the ship to servive. Denk suffered some major injuries and died about a month after we arived. We were on our way home, the US, from Austrialia (Denk’s homeland) when we were shipwrecked.
Sylvia Robinson, a 17-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

I am a apprentice dragonflute player and storyteller. My friends are a dire wolf named Keela and a Skybax rider named Walter. I was shipwrecked on Dinotopia when I was 14 years old and started a new life with my brother Jonathon (who is a farmer and is 19 years old). One day i hope to travel all around Dinotopia.
Taleia, a 15-year old dolphinback living near Sauropolis at Dolphinback Beach.
Tirana Ki, a 16-year old dolphinback living everywhere and nowhere as she wanders the island.

I travel around, so I don’t actually live anywhere specific. ;o), As a child I suffered from Amnesia and thus does not remember anything about my past. I had to re-learn everything I know now. While going through that tough time, I rescued a Megaraptor chick whom I called Shada. Other than Shada, I has no known family members and the possibility of my being a dolphinback is high, even though at night I sometimes has dreams that lead me to believe that I was born on the island. At an early age I found I had a talent for all things Artistic and went to Waterfall City to pursue it, there I improved and widened my many abilities and now I travel the island, going from town to town offering my services for food or whatever Shada and I might need at the moment. Shada: Shada was rescued by Tirana Ki when her parents mysteriously “abandoned” the nest, leaving her and her siblings to fare for themselves. They all perished, and when her time was soon to come, a strange girl rescued her from starvation and death. Like Tirana Ki, Shada has no other relatives. Shada is a very lazy raptor, and she is very envious of the smarter Utahraptor and wishes immensely that she was one, instead of a Megaraptor. She likes to hunt and eat horses =^} (not really, there are no horses in Dinotopia), she also likes to swim and float around.
Topaz Greenwood, a 15-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

Topaz Greenwood was shipwrecked on Dinotopian shores over 7 years ago. In that time, she made friends with an otherwise piranoid Skybax, named Tibet. She trained to be a master Skybax piolet with Tibet, and because she picked up excellent skills with balance and control in her childhood in England, it looked like she was going to be the next Habitat Partner or areal, along with Tibet. But it was never to be. The month before she would get the prize of apprenticship for the title or Habitat Partner, a terrible accident happened. She and Tibet were flying, when a storm blew up, and they crashed into a sky galley, and Tibet shredded his wing. The sad truth is that he can never fly very far again. So Topaz took up the Dragonhorn, and learned to play really well. after a year or so, in visiting Tibet in his hanger, they came up with the idea of a PARTNERSHIP in music. Topaz had a special saddle made, and now she can fly Tibet while playing the Dragonhorn: a trick never copied before or since.
T-rex Turner, a 22-year old dolphinback living on the Blackwood Flats.

A paleontologist from the Great State of Texas, I recently arrived and have already had several adventures, one of which earned me the name of “T-rex Turner” and made me an honorary Tyrannosaur. Unfortunately, this caused a slight problem and a conflict with Azonthus arose. We managed to end the fight without killing each other and a loose alliance between myself and the clan of Sharpclaw was established. Currently, I am attending the Dolphinback Academy in Waterfall City and look forward to exploring everything else this continent has to offer.
Weathertop Amanda, a 15-year old dolphinback living as a wanderer.

I, Weathertop, am a 15 year old girl that was stranded on this island when I was 13. I traveled the island before going to Waterfall City. I didn’t go there first because I was afraid to start my life over. Finally, at 14 and a half, I got up the courage to go and sign up at Waterfall City. I still travel the island and I help the habitat partners when ever they need it. While in the Outer World, I was just a lonely kid with only my mother as family. Sadly, I lost my mother in the shipwreck so I am alone. I didn’t talk to anyone my first year here, so I don’t know anyone yet. I am done with my schooling at Waterfall City (under the teaching of Sollis) and I hope to go on the become a Skybax rider. I enjoy singing and performing as well as traveling. I hope to see everyone around!!!
Amanda and Cli’rix, 14-year old natives living in Treetown.

As soon as we are ready, we’re going to go to Waterfall City, we’re not sure how we’ll get there, but we will. We don’t really have a history, we don’t really know how old we am, it isn’t that important is it? Judging from our (human) friend, Amanda is about 14. Cli`rix, isn’t exactly sure how old she is either… That’s all, really, our dream is to go to waterfall city and see this wonderful library that they are supposed to have there, can you imagine all those scrolls!! We would love to see some thing like that. But our dream can wait, we aren’t ready to go to water fall city, so we are going to wait in tree town until we are.
Amentet, a 22-year old native living in Canyon City.

I was born in Waterfall City, the youngest of four. I had three older brothers, all of whom wanted to go down different paths. Seth, the eldest, wanted to take over the running of my father’s business (he was a jeweler). Osiris wished to travel to Earthfarm and work in the fields – he was always really attached to the land. Anubis, closest in age to me, was a real bookworm, and was heading towards a job at the Library. It wasn’t easy growing up the only girl in the family! Now, I loved Waterfall City, but none of the jobs available really appealed to me. Ever since I was really young, and a squadron of skybax pilots had come to the City, I had dreamed of flying with them. I wanted to become a pilot. So I did. Now I live in Canyon City, and belong to the SkyCorps. My brothers and father still live in Waterfall City, and I visit them occasionally. They’re all very happy, having fulfilled their destiny, just as they always believed they would. I’m happy too! After all, what else could you want but your destiny? Breathe deep. Fly high.
Andrew Lawton, a 15-year old native living in Treetown.

I am Andrew Lawton, son of Joseph Lawton, a former soldier in the British Navy. My mother was a native to this island, five mothers Italian. I am partner to Thumptail, a friendly Pachycephalosaurus. I have discovered the ancient Lost City of Halycon, and I am currently the Chief storyteller of Chipcherool, if not the whole island _.
Ashanna and Redstripe, a 21-year old native living in the grassland.

Studying the biology and science scrolls at the famous library. My name is Ashanna. My partner is Redstripe, a Lesothosaurus, with the stripes that give him his name running from the sides of his neck to his tail along his sides and flank. He's an ornithopod and only about three feet tall, but we're both working biologists. We have done several expeditions into the forested areas north of Deep Lake but are currently studying under one of the top biologists on Dinotopia, Master Gerron. On top that honor, Redstripe and I were honored to attend the Habitat Conference two summers ago!
Atero Ekalos Stenjiye, a 15-year old native living in Treetown.

I am a skybax rider and perform with my partner Talon when I can. I also play music, and am an accomplished composer, dragonflutist, pianist, and saxophonist.
Chloe, a 18-year old native living in Canyon City.

I was born in Canyon City, moved to Chandara when I was 3, moved once more to Tree Town when I was 6, moved again to Waterfall City when I was 9, and am now a current resident of Canyon City. My Skybax is a female named Sauria with black and brown strips down her back. I was top of my class and am now a Master Pilot. Did I forget to mention that all my ancestor's on my father's side were pilots, and that my mother (also a Skybax pilot) was one of the few people to land on Dinotopia within the last twenty years? Sorry!:)
Erika, a 15-year old native living in Sabertooth Mountain.

Born in Thermala, and having a need for adventure in her blood, as her father was a dolphinback from Alaska, USA, Erika often wandered the cities borders and watched a group of old, sick, and dying mammals and Saurians leave and never returning. She followed them one time and discovered it was a death caravan. Delighted she might meet a Sabertooth if she continued, she followed the caravan to Claw Pass. There, she was not exactly taken in, but made to prove herself worthy of living amongst them. A kindhearted cat named Fastswipe, the granddaughter of famous Redstripe, took Erika in immediately and showed her the ways of her people. Erika has brown hair down to her shoulders and green eyes. Fastswipe is muscular but strong and agile. She also has green eyes.
Hurella Alda, a 17-year old native living in Chandara.

My family has always lived in Chandara since my great great grandfather was shipwrecked on Dinotopia. My family came from the Middle East and enjoys the heat, and that is why we live in southern Dinotopia. My grandfather and grandmother live in Waterfall City cataloging all the ancient manuscripts, with Enit and Nallab.
John Alderan, a 13-year old native living in Canyon City.

Hey, my name is John Alderan and I'm 12 years old. I'm a Dinotopian in fourth generation. I live in Canyon City and I'm going to be a Skybax Raider. My mother, Lorana, works in the great library of the Waterfall City. My father, Frank is an explorer; he studies the Quetzalcoatlus in Canyon City. I was born in Waterfall City. I travel a lot. I've been to Waterfall City, Sauropolis, Treetown and to Chandara. I have got a lot of friends in Canyon City, but my best friend is the Waldo Agros, a Dolphinback, who is 15 years old.
Josh Dunlop, a 15-year old native living in Suncrest Valley near Treetown, which he describes as a small valley which my forefathers found called Suncrest Valley (It's close to Treetown). They call it Sunrise Valley because every morning the whole valley fills with light very quickly, and creates like a rainbow crest, like a Amargasaurus's crest along the valley. I am 3 mothers English. I have lived in Sunrise valley nearly all my life, but I have traveled all over Dinotopia, my mother is a biologist in Treetown and my farther studies Tyrannosaurs in the rainy basin, I've learned allot about carnivores from him. My brother Sam is training to be a Skybax rider. Sam's 11 and lives with me in Sunrise Valley. My saurian partner is a Protoceratops Hatchling called Pucc. He's very mischievous, and often gets into trouble. Our house is in a tree like in Treetown, and is on a high hill and in the morning when the sun is rising you can see everything. Boetail is an old Parasaurolophus who takes care of us, you know pops in once and a while. I have many friends here, human and Dinosaur, but probably my two best friends here are Ben and Chiptooth. Ben is super intelligent and is really funny, and his partner is a Plesiosaur called Chiptooth. He actually should be down by the sea, but he loved it so much here that he stayed, and Chiptooth lives in the small lake down the bottom of the valley. I hope someone could come and visit Suncrest Valley. Breath Deep Seek Peace
Ka'ranan Altaire, a 16-year old native living in Treetown.

I am a Musician and an Artist. My friend is a Dimorphodon named Aireon.
Kaak, a 26-year old dolphinback living in Waterfall City.

With a Master Rider father and a Hatchery Leader for a mother, there was no surprise when Kaak found himself a skybax nestfriend at the age of four. He took his first flight at fourteen, but spent every waking moment prior to that near Altanden, anyway. Now, he rides as an Apprentice throughout Dinotopia, holding onto hopes of following his father's footsteps [wingbeats?] and trading in his red uniform for a bright blue one.
Mathaira, a native of unknown age living at the Romano Hatchery.

My two dinosaur partners and I are based at the Romano hatchery but travel all over the island of Dinotopia., My full name is Eubha-Mathairachean, an ancient Celtic name meaning "source of life", but everyone just calls me Mathaira. I am a traveling hatchery worker (human), sort of a "dinosaur midwife". I have two saurian partners and we work together as a team: Thistlebud is an Ovinutrix (egg nurse) and Maia is a Maiasaurus (good mother lizard). We are based at the Romano hatchery but travel all over the island, helping to care for unhatched eggs and hatchlings. We assist in escorting expectant dinosaur parents to a hatchery and also in escorting parents and their hatchlings from a hatchery back to their homes. I am a native Dinotopia. Since my name is of ancient Celtic origin, I think my ancestors may have arrived on the island long ago. As for myself I was born on Dinotopia, and my earliest memories as a young child are of helping out in the hatchery...watching over the eggs...using puppets to help the hatchlings imprint the correct parent model...and helping to tend the hatchlings.
Melanie and Kalyptra, a 15-year old native living on Fountain Avenue in Waterfall City, when she's not in Treetown.

My Grandmother is Norah, Matriarch of Treetown. I am five mothers Irish. Ten years ago, I met Arthur Denison, and we are still friends today. When I am in Treetown I like to go walking in the forests with Arthur and Kalyptra - my friend, a Dryosaurus. We go looking for interesting plants and herbs. In Waterfall City, I am studying Biology and Botany. Someday, I would love to work with Bracken and Fiddlehead, the forest habitat partners.
Nickzy, a 14-year old native living in Waterfall City.

Hey, my name is Nickzy. I live in Waterfall City, this is a beautiful city. I love it canals, it streets, it library and it buildings. Sometimes I going to Chandara visit my uncle Peter. My father is a Doctor in Waterfall City, his name's Wayne and my mother is a teacher called I study to be a Doctor like my father. I have a best friend called Dromas in Waterfall City. He is a student like me. Breathe deep, seek peace.
Pazu Eriksdotter, a 16-year old native living in Canyon City.

Pazu Eriksdotter, 20 mothers Norwegian, was born in Waterfall City. She lived there with her parents (Feoh and Erik), her older brother (Loki), and her older sister (Freyja). When she was four years old, her parents mysteriously disappeared in the Rainy Basin. She was too young to stay with her siblings in Waterfall City, so she moved to Canyon City with her Uncle, Bau. Her sister, now married to Red, has six children. They live in Waterfall City. Her brother lives with his mate, Dan, in Waterfall City. Pazu is now a Skybax Rider. Her Skybax partner is named Kamakazi.
Quen, a 14-year old native living in Pooktook.

Four mothers Scandinavian. I was born in Volcaneum, but my family moved to Pooktook the summer after. My father, Maenalus, is an expert fisherman and owns a wharf were I fish often--I'm of the sea. My saurian partner is Stormtracer. I am 6'2'' and speak English, Norwegian, and German
Raceme, a 21-year old native living in Waterfall City.

I was born and raised in Horsetail Grove, deep inside the Rainy Basin. I grew up with an obvious passion for wetlands; after all, I was surrounded by them! Funny, even my name has roots in nature - - Raceme...a flower with more than one bud, all of which are grown on top of the plant so that the oldest droop down and the youngest shoot upwards. That's me alright, youthful and fixed on the future. That same perspective allowed me to realize that I have great potential in the natural sciences.

I decided to leave Horsetail Grove when I was only 16. I figured Waterfall City was the best - secluded from the rest of Dinotopia and excellent scientific facilities (what with the Microscopic Life, Rare Flower House, and Seed Bank buildings). Besides, when you've already learned how to fly a Skybax (and have one of your own - her name's Lost Hope) - - it's not that hard to go to work every week. You see, every week I fly over to the Rainy Basin and do bioremediation (problem solving) work at/on specific sites that Magnolia and Paddlefoot (the Freshwater Habitat Partners) have marked out as needing serious help.

Magnolia and Paddlefoot are both very good friends of mine and when they asked me to help out (4 years ago), I was more than willing to. It really worked out too, I go to the Rainy Basin, do my work, go to Horsetail Grove and sleep at my parents' (they're really great folks), and then go back to work the next day. I continue that for about a week (occasionally longer) and then I go back to Waterfall City -where I analyze field samples, techniques I performed, ect. and try to predict whether I did the right things to stop the problem(s) and whether or not the problem(s) will arise again. My friends (if you didn't catch on), are Magnolia (human) - who I've known for 7 years now and, of course, Lost Hope (saurian) - who I found abandoned in the Palace of Kings on one of my extremely long nature walks as a child (I was about 14 years ! old at the time). I love my job, I love my friends, and I absolutely love Dinotopia!
Shasta Tirian, a 16-year old native living in Treetown.

Born in Tree Town, Shasta Tirian had always loved art, and his dream to be a Skybax rider. When he was old enough his parents, Jonathan and Mary Tirian, sent him to Canyon City, to become a Skybax rider. Now he is an apprentice skybax rider, and his Skybax partner's name is Swift.
Tamith, a 19-year old native living in iBonabba.

Tamith's outstanding features are her long, curly brown hair and light brown eyes. She was born in Waterfall City. She is 7 mothers Greek. Her mother is a well-known botanist, and her father is a recognized geologist. Both spent a great deal of time in field study, taking their daughter with them, making her develop her great love for nature. She showed a great ability of learning and drawing from an early age and developed an interest in reading. During the summers, she would visit her uncle who is in charge of a Hatchery. It was there where she made friends with an adolescent Triceratops called Triforce, who was there visiting her newborn siblings. At the age of twelve, she decided to become a Forest Habitat partner, to her parents' great joy. So when she completed her studies, she left Waterfall City to pursue her goal. To her great delight, the ceratopsian assigned to her was none other than Triforce, whom she already knew and was good friends with. To live closer to the Basin, she moved to Bonabba where she learned the art of playing the dragon flute. Often, she would visit her parents at Waterfall City or visiting friends around the island. Exploring and sketching what she finds are her favorite pass times. Amongst her best friends are Dylan O'Connor, a Habitat Partner of the Fresh Water, Azonthus, leader of the Sharpclaw, Vorchia, Quickstride, and another handful of the biggest troublemakers the island had seen in centuries;)
C'xoila, a 19-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

C'xoila was born in the Rainy Basin. His clan, the Cx'sann Clan, lived near a large river and peacefully caught fish. When C'xoila was five, a disagreement arose between his clan and a greedy group of Allosaurs. The Allosaurs wanted the river for themselves, while the Deinonychus had lived there for many generations. A furious battle ensued and many on both sides were wounded. During the battle, C'xoila had been trapped on the wrong side of the river and was almost eaten by an Allosaur. This accounts for C'xoila's profound fear of Allosaurs. Afterward, the clan decided that it was no longer safe on their river, so they packed up what belongings they had and left for civilized Dinotopia. They chose Waterfall City as their new home because of the great library, and because of their love for the water. C'xoila became an assistant to Bix the famous diplomat, running errands and sorting papers etc. He left this profession to be taught by Arthur Denison on the subject of machines and strutters in particular. C'xoila now works at the Great Library when he isn't on some adventure or another. C'xoila is a blue, yellow and white Deinonychus with a crest of blue, yellow and white feathers.
January 25, 2000.
Bluebird, a 14-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

Bluebird is an archaeopteryx who lives in the Polongo river valley. She makes her living by fishing *hee hee* but is also an amateur astronomer. She dislikes fighting and carnivore plants (one tried to eat her once:) and her best friend is Trumpet, a lambeosaurus tour guide from Waterfall City.
Quickstride Celeriter, a saurian of unknown age living in Culubra.

I am Quickstride Celeriter of the Kylum Skybax Rookery on Outer Island. I am a Gallimimus with feathers, the result of being descended from ornithomimids living in the Forbidden Mountain area. Though I don't really have a human partner, my close friend is an English dolphinback named Francis.
February 27, 2000
Shiita, a 16-year old saurian living in Bonabba.

Our little Sauropod barn in Bonabba. Shiita is a pterosaur, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a current beanie baby named Swoop. She is the teenage daughter of Bronty, who also is a Beanie Baby. She have a eleven year old sister named Teko, who claims to be a Protoceratops. Shiita seems to think she is just a "Beanie Triceratops who someone forgot to put the horns on."
March 19, 2000
Bronty, a saurian of unknown living in the World Beneath.

Bronty is a retired Beanie Baby. Just how she got to Dinotopia, no one knows. It is rumored that she is actually some human's "inner child" come to life. Bronty appeared on the island with three of her hatchlings, who have chosen to be totally unlike her (probably a wise choice). These three are all female. The old bronto also has hatchlings who are off-island-- three more female and one male. Some day they may find their way to Dinotopia. In addition, there are also grand-hatchlings (two of whom would love to spend time on the island with Gramma Bronty, but their parents would miss them). The old Brontosaurus, "most extinct of the extinct", has had two mates during her l-o-n-g lifetime. She now breathes alone. The ol' girl has PVC pellets for brains, which explains a lot. Her hide is very thick, as well, so you can tell her to go away at any time, and she will tuck-tail and retreat with no hurt feelings.
March 21, 2000
Stinktooth, a 13-year old saurian living in the Rainy Basin.

March 21, 2000
Teko, a 11-year old saurian living in Bonabba.

I live in Bonabba, My name is Teko and I am a gray and white striped protoceratops like Bix's brother in the book. I am Bronty's kid. A protoceratops can be kid to a brontosaurus if you live on a magical island. My friends are Ian and Boojinko. I have 2 sisters on the island too. One of them is Shiita and one is anonymous.
March 31, 2000
Cyrrus Swiftflight, an 18-year old saurian living in Treetown.

I'm the Treetown biologist. But I also run messages to the science center in Waterfall City. I'm Keelk's cousin. She and I run the hurdles in the Dinosaur Olympics every year.
April 2, 2000
Neef, a 16-year old saurian living in Rainy Basin.

Neef lives in the Rainy Basin. She was born there, and lived with her Clan, the Kodoku, by a long and fertile river. She is the lone survivor of the 20 year "war" between her clan and a local clan of Tyrannosaurs called the Shitsukoi. Over the many years, she has learned to forgive, but not to forget. She is a healer, like many of her clan, and has the "Noryoku", or power, to heal without the use of medicine. By using this power, however, Neef will transfer the disability onto herself, and it will only leave her when she is taken to the place of her birth by the one she has saved and is put into the river. Neef will only use this when her medicines, which she keeps with her at all times, will not work.
April 8, 2000
Ibby, a 9-year old saurian living in Prosperine.

Ibby live in a little shop in Prosperine. Ibby is a tiny Iberomesornis. When Ibby was only two days old, a storm blew her from her home in a nest by the Amu River. A young boy, named Leif, and his triceratops found the hatchling on their way to the city of Prosperine. They were on their way to a small shop to deliver goods. The owner of the shops daughter, Anh, talked the boy into giving her the weak hatchling. Ibby still lives in that little shop with Anh (who she calls "Sudo-mama").
April 26, 2000
Nimbus Featherdawn, a skybax of unknown age living in Tentpole of the Sky.

As a riderless Skybax i journey where i please, but reside in or around Tentpole of the Sky more often than not., A skybax, by the name of Nimbus. I have no rider as they were lost in an accident during a scouting mission in Rainy Basin. My companion is ThistleChaser, a young struthiomimus.
June 23, 2000
One Eye, a saurian over a 100 years old living in the World Beneath.

I live in the Rainy Basin., I am a T-Rex. I am probably the oldest Tyrannosaurus in the Rainy Basin, that is, in Dinotopia altogether. My life starts in the rainy basin where I was raised by my mother. My father mysteriously died. I have a jaw filled with teeth that are well designed for tearing chunks of flesh and bone with ease. My name is named One-Eye because of a swordsman who slashed my right eye, which is now blind. I ate that person (but I must admit, he tasted quite sour). The settlers that arrived in Dinotopia called me One-Eye ever since then.
June 28, 2000
Kie Turtlecrest, a 19-year old saurian living in Sauropolis.

Hi! I'm Kie Turtlecrest. I'm a Parasaurolophus from Sauropolis. I'm green all over, except for an reddish-orange stripe going from the tip of my crest all the way to my tail. It's a family thing. Anyway, I am still a student, but I can often be found at the City Gates, welcoming newcomers. I love making music, and swimming. Normally, wherever I am my friend Peb is as well. He's an orange Ouranosaurus. We have all sorts of fun adventures together, along with our Sinosauropteryx friends, Sharpfeather and Quickquill. While exploring Waterfall City you might come across some of our adventures. I may have also left a few poems around for you, too. Anyway, have a fanatic day, and be sure to look me up if you ever come down to the Capital.
July 13, 2000
Highsoar, a 19-year old skybax living at Pteros, the skybax rookery.

I have no friend. I am a skybax. I am one of the historians in the skybax rookery library (Like it? I came up with that one myself.)
August 2000
Terknoo Jin, a 14-year old saurian living in Outer Island forest.

Terknoo'jin is a velociraptor who lives on outer island. His best friend Polaris chat with each other for hours telling each other things. He can speak and understand dolphin language. He also can speak Dinotopian and Spanish. Who knows how he learned Spanish is anybodies guess. He is a messenger.
September 4, 2000
Aslinn, a 17-year old saurian living in Treetown.

I am a greenish/brown Velociraptor. I was born in the Rainy Basin. My parents were killed by a group of Spinosaurus when I was a hatchling. I learned to survive by myself in the Rainy Basin. I found a way out of the Rainy Basin and quickly adapted to the ways of civilization. I was about the age of nine when this happened. I ended up at Water Fall City and instantly fell in love with the Library of Knowlege and quickly befriended the head librarian, Enit. After four years of living in Water Fall City i became quite homesick. I missed being in the forests. So I evenually move to Tree Town, which is where I still live today. I do visit Water Fall City regualrly to visit Enit, though because he is one of my great friends.
November 22, 2000
Vira V-Raptor, a 17-year old saurian living in Volcaneum.

I used to travel all over the place because I had no friends or and I didn't live in a velociraptor pack. I was rather touchy towards humans and snobbish. Then one night I was out and about when a bad storm brewed. I was hit by a flying branch and knocked out. I was picked up by a passing caravan picked me up and took me too Treetown (that was the closest place to where they were at the time) where I was treated by a kind young girl, who is now my companion, Melissa, but I call her Mel for short. I am no longer snobbish towards humans, Mel has shown me how kind humans are. Mel calls me Vira V-Raptor, she shortened velociraptor into V-Raptor because she kept slurring velociraptor together whenever she spoke rapidly. I have also made friends with others of my kind since I've lived in Treetown, the first velociraptor friends I've had since I left my first raptor pack.
November 24, 2000
Armengon the Dragon King, an over-200-year old saurian living in the Great Desert.

I am a member of a lost tribe of dragons that fled to the Great Desert to avoid persecution. My friend is Anterionis, a human who found our lost city and due to a lack of family was welcomed into mine.
November 30, 2000
Vorchia, a 17-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I was originally born in a breedery on the east-edge of the Rainy Basin. Born an Ovinutrix I was supposed to become a hatchery worker like the rest of the family. But since very young age I always showed a great interest in biology and wanted to know every little fact about the life around me. As I grew up and helped at the hatchery my family finally got the message I wanted to do more then just stay in the hatchery for the rest of my life, AKA, I talked about nothing else then about scientific research other saurians who came to the hatchery had been telling me about. So I got my family so far that I could join the next caravan in the direction of Waterfall City and study medicine. I still had the desire to help others 'in my blood' from working at the hatchery and being an Ovinutrix in general. In my spare time I like reading, drawing, cooking and theatre. And when I get tired of that I just go find my friends, or they find me if they smell chocolate cookies ^_~
December 31, 2000
Leaf Muncher, a 20-year old saurian living in Hadro Swamp.

I'm a large female European Iguanodon. I'm a normal grassy color green all over except on my underside, that is a more yellowy-green color. On my back from beak to tail are dark green blotches. My beak's a yellow color. My herd lives on the edges of Hadro Swamp, and when I'm not working I usually spend time there with my friend Flat tooth. Flat tooth's also an Iguanodon and is only one month older than me, although a lot bigger (a male thing with Iguanodons). I work at a nursery which takes in very young dolphinbacks. I have a sort of unofficial Dinotopian partner named Andrew, a young boy who I helped to raise. at the time Andrew arrived to the nursery, i was too young to work there but I helped out a lot, me and Andrew soon became friends. He of course lives with his foster family, but on special days and events on when he's not busy with school he'll come down and visit me! My history is fairly straight forward, I was hatched and raised by my mother who was apart of my herd, I was very adventurous when I was a hatchling and Flat tooth and I always worried our mothers by wondering off in search of adventure. My herd has been about for many years and is called the Acacia herd or tribe, due to our strong taste for plants. I was named after my appetite for juicy leaves, well not just leaves anything green and tasty that comes my way! I keep in shape by walking the long distance to the nursery from my herd!
April 25, 2001
Ipithron, a skybax of unknown age with a forty-foot wingspan living in Sky City.

Ipithron the Quetzelcoaltlus Northipi was hacthed and raised in Canyon City. His first rider was thrown off into a tree, and hasn't been rode since. His only friend is himself. Through he's judged as a dumb, slow, and worthless, he can really understand all languages spoken on the island. He rarely flys fast, except over uninhabited areas. The only saurians he speaks to are habitants of the Rainy Basin, and Bix. He has no friends and never speaks to humans. Though he lives in Sky City, he travels far from home for up to months at a time. The only thing heard from him while traveling is a shrill "Diinootoopiiaa" in different languages
May 6, 2001
Boca, a saurian of unknown age living somewhere on Dinotopia.

I am a female Maiasaura. I am known for my big mouth, but I am also known as a great healer. Breath Deep, Seek Peace.
June 19, 2001
Stormtracer, a 40-year old saurian living in Bonabba.

Predicting the famous one-in-a-lifetime storm William Denison endured, Artemis Carefulclaw earned herself the nick-name 'Stormtracer'.

Her parents, Asder and Gunsigh, were supposed to have died from a disease that claimed the life of her teacher, Quickclaw, who followed two months later.

Then she met her first partner, Magalean. Who went missing from a caravan that was attacked by a Spinosaurus soon after.

Sh'rlat, the triceratops hatchling she adopted, was a friend's daughter who tragically died giving birth to her. Jiggs the Border collie (Dog), Salem and Pogo the American shorthairs (cats) were shipwrecked, and became Stormtracer's.

After a recent period of confusion-involving her parents and mentor found alive-Stormtracer lives happily in Bonabba, where she is occasionally visited by her partner,Quen.

She also visits the Rainy Basin, where her friends Amber, Ellie, Minstealae, Azonthus and many others dwell.

A new species, Megalo Ovinutrix Quinque Digitus Chiros (`Giant Egg-nurse with five-fingered hands`) is her recently-learned-of heritage.

She cares deeply for her friends, and would help in anyway she could.

she has learned to Breathe Deep, Seek Peace. Or as she says: Live Long, Crave Discovery, Face Fears.

February 20, 2003
Mirko Jo, a 15-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I am a Microceratops, and my best friend is Falomi, a 12 meter high Brachiosaurus. She lets me sit on top of her head so that I can see out over Sweet Water Lake. I live in a little house on Pliosaur Canal,near Old Bridge. I love Ginko leaves (hint,hint!!!!!) SEE YA!!!!! MIRKO!!!!! Breathe Deep,Seek Peace, Give Me Ginko Leaves.
June 27, 2001
Death Claw, a 17-year old saurian living in Sky City.

My history is short. I was hatched in the outskirts of the Rainy Basin and my egg got separated from the others. Ambrose's father found my egg while on an expedition. My friends name is Ambrose; he is a human. My species is velociraptor and I am bilingual.
June 28, 2001
Midnight, a 21-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

Well, I am a Deinonychus and I grew up in Waterfall City and spent almost all of my free time in the Great Library reading, studying and attempting to make sense of the fragments of old scrolls I was reading. My passion has always been history and I became quite good at putting together the past from very little information. When I was old enough, I enrolled in the Historical Lyceum in Sauropolis and studied to become a full member of the Historical Society. After eight years of intensive study, I was granted full membership and then moved back to Waterfall City to continue my research on the Pellendrine civilization. I branched out from my Pellendrine studies to Chandaran, but stopped there. I made the decision that I should narrow my interests so that I didn't spread myself too thin and be unable to study what I really wanted to know. I have assisted on a two or three “digs” at various archeological sites in the Backwood Flats and two in the Backbone Mountains, but I am normally assigned to the archives or the libraries due to my expertise in regards to the old records.
June 28, 2001
Thunderfoot, a more-than 80-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I'm a very old and noble STYRACOSAURUS! I love the library here and learned a lot.
June 30, 2001
Squallcaster, a saurian of unknown age living in Volcaneum.

Squallcaster is a Utahraptor who left the Rainy Basin in search of something new. When she left the Rainy Basin, she also left behind the few friends she had there. As a departure gift, they gave her a headdress of ruby and amethyst gems that form a "V" as they reach the center of her forehead. From that point, it continues in a singular line until it reaches her nose, where it has been attached to the thick scales there. When she reached Volcanum, she met two Dolphinbacks from India, and they got her incredibly interested in Henna art. Her natural coloring ins a grayish lavender color with midnight blue stripes, but she often decorates her hide with Henna marks.
July 10, 2001
SilvanoshiS, a skybax of unknown age living in Waterfall City.

A skybax. A large leather-winged animal seen mostly in the sky. They aren't seen on the ground much, right? Well this is a special skybax named Silvanoshi. He looks like a majestic soaring skybax, except, well, he doesn't fly. He can, he chooses not to. He can be seen wandering the halls of Waterfall City's Great Library. He is the librarian back in the poetry section, near the back. He hasn't flown since he left the Canyon. He's afraid of heights. He was called upon to fly once. He refused. He didn't give a reason, thinking it was a disgrace. He quietly left one night, no one knew till the next morning. The Waterfall Library took him with no question, because he knew his stuff. He's been there since then.
July 16, 2001
Moonsong, a 17-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I come from Rainy Basin but I live in Waterfall City. I am a female Protoceratops (like Bix) My friends are Enit the Chief Librarian, Malik the Timekeeper, and a young man named James, he is a dolphinback. His parents and all who were with them perished in a tragic shipwreck. He is the only survivor. Right now he lives with me. I am teaching him the Footprint Alphabet as well as the Chandarin Transitional Alphabet as well as Dinotopian History. Soon he will go to Tree Town and then on to Canyon City where he hopes to become a Skybax Rider. We spend many pleasant hours at the library and James frequently visits with Nallab, Enit, and Malik. He also enjoys the Dolphin Caverns and taking long walks through Waterfall City.
September 3, 2001
Blue Eyes, a 25-year old saurian living in Halyon, the Lost City.

Troodon, his skin is a bright green mixed with dabs of Blue and Red. his eyes are a faint blue color and that is how he got his name. Blue eyes was born in Halcyon almost 25 Summers ago. He blended into the Troodon crowd of the city well and not much is known about him from ages 0-20, when he was 20 Andrew, Lian, and Ned came to the lost city and everything changed. after a few weeks when everyone left, Blue eyes set out to make a life for himself. he spent many years wandering Dinotopia and remained away from most settlements. he preferred to avoid most of the humans and saurians growing up in a lifestyle that was sheltered from these strange beasts. when he was 24 he had a run in with a young T-Rex on the outskirts of the rainy basin and his leg was injured. he was rescued by some humans and after he healed he vanished into the night. he is now 25, his opinions about the other races remain dense however he is no longer afraid.
November 7, 2001
TREX-rage, an over-90-year old saurian living in the ruins of unfound temples in the Rainy Basin.

I am the leader of a long forgotten clan of Tyrannosaurs. My clan associated itself with humans and civilization a long time ago. All that is left of those times are old temple ruins, streets, and huts that the humans made.
November 26, 2001
Rusty, a 17-year old saurian living in the Rainy Basin.

A Utahraptor/Velociraptor hybrid that has a few acres just outside the Basin. (I still count myself as a Basin resident, though) My history is very muddled and nebulous. I have no partners, but many friends. Too many to list here.
January 21, 2002
Jewelspike, a 19-year old saurian living in the Great Desert.

I am Jewelspike, the Stegosaurus. I live in the Great Desert, wandering between towns to barter with my herd. I live with my parents and my brother. I am a purple and yellow. My brother is gray and brown and is about two years older. He is a talented musician, while I prefer writing poetry and stories. My herd is called the Sand Dunes, having lived in the desert for many generations.
April 9, 2002
Toki, an 18-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

Troodon, bluish grey scales, 3 feet high, 5 feet long, I enjoy tinkering with machinery and looking through ancient myths and legends.
April 21, 2002
Minstelae, a unknown-year old saurian living in Rainy Basin.

Minstelae is a Utahraptor who lives in the Basin but often travels and is welcomed in the towns and cities and such... even if she does get funny looks sometimes... and she had once been a pack leader but now, even though she doesn't really want to be, she is sort of a loner... she lost her pack a while ago... except for one thing... she does have a daughter and several friends in the Basin (including tyrannosaurs), and in some of the towns (human and saurian), at least. Even if she is a Basin resident, she has an artistic flare, and will often be caught bringing art supplies to the Basin with her after a town visit.
April 22, 2002
Parou the Muttaburrasaurus, a saurian of unknown age living in Treetown.

I am 25ft and 4200kg and my coloring is ochre with darker striping and dark feet and hands. This coloring is my adaptation to the semi-arid region I come from. Due to our unique skull structure, some of us Muttas can speak human; I am one of hem. We are either herbivore or omnivore according to personal tastes; I am omni. I have a human companion by the name of Paul, whose computer I takeover when he is not around (and sometimes when he is). We Muttas are an independent lot who tend to wander around on our own, wherever things lead us (usually our appetites). I have decided to try staying in one place for a while, just so I can tell other Muttas when I meet them again, what it is actually like. I have been told I have a questionable sense of humor (I don't believe that!) and am over serious too often (again, not true!). I must say one thing though about civilization, and that is Coffee!!! I have become a caffeine addict and have been known to throw my weight around if there is none around (usually at the person who drank the last of it!!). If no coffee I have been known to attack Maltesers and chocolate aniseed rings with extreme voracity! WARNING - Do not stand between this Mutta and any of these items (especially the first coffee of the morning!) For now enjoying the busy (to me) location of Tree Town while temporarily staying with friends. Will be returning to my somewhat isolated home in the backblocks of my home country in the near future (when the pace here gets too fast, probably just before the next six year storm.)
May 16, 2002
Nebeur Norab, a 9-year old saurian living in Treetown.

I was born in at the hatchery. However, there was a great storm and I ended up in the entrance to the World Beneath. Some mosasaurs saved and raised me. However, when a maiasaura was carrying some sunstones for a lab experiment, she thought I was captured. She took me out of the water, she adopted me. That is, for a day. I'm a Suchomimus. She could not take care of me. However, she took me to Treetown. I now have a job as a sculptor. My teeth and sail are perfect for carving clay into beautiful sculptures. Nowadays, every World Beneath expedition is assisted by me. That is because I can calm any mosasaur, thanks to my beginning.
June 23, 2002
Barry Baryonyx, a 5-year old saurian living in Rainy Basin along the Polongo River.

I am a five-year-old green Baryonyx named Barry.
July 7, 2002
K'ren Utahraptor and BlueStripe Tyrannosaur, two 40-year old saurians who now live in Waterfall City and the Rainy Basin, respectively.

K'Ren Utahraptor's egg was laid in the Rainy Basin by the Dragon Claw Clan of Utahraptors. A caravan through the Basin went near the Dragon Claw territory. A young human boy by the name of Liam wandered by, and picked up her egg. Without his parents noticing, Liam put the egg in his bag and took it back to Sauropolis with him. K'Ren hatched two days later. Liam's family adopted her, and she became Liam's saurian partner. The two grew up together, and were the closest of friends. Some might even say that they were in love. Liam became a scientist, and wanted nothing more than to study the great predators of the Rainy Basin. K'Ren went with him. Their study was rather uneventful for the first two years, then something went horribly wrong. A group of Megaraptors raided their camp, recognizing the scent of one of their enemies, the Dragon Claw Clan. Not knowing that K'Ren didn't even know what clan she was of, the Megas killed Liam, and left K'Ren for dead. She made her way out of the Basin, dragging Liam's body and badly cut and bleeding from a huge gash in her side (she carries the scar to this day), and was picked up by a caravan headed for Waterfall City. She was nursed back to health in the Waterfall City infirmary, and, grief stricken over the loss of Liam, she went back to the Basin to live as best she could. It was there that she met William, a cross-Basin trail guide. Every time he passed through the Basin, he'd find time to stop and talk to her. Eventually, he convinced her to come back to Waterfall City with him. K'Ren lived in his house, and took care of it when he was away. Finally, when William was assigned to work in Pooktook, K'Ren became the official owner of his home in Waterfall City. She lives there to this day. She has also taken a new human partner in the form of Caroline, a dolphinback originally from California. K'Ren was the first to greet Caroline when she washed ashore, and the two have been nearly inseparable since. They live together in K'Ren's house in Waterfall City. BlueStripe Tyrannosaur was born and grew up in the Rainy Basin. His mate is BlackRidge, and they have a chick on the way. He also knows William, quite well, and has escorted him all the way to Waterfall City on several occasions, becoming the first Tyrannosaurus Rex in civilization. He can speak Human, General Saurian, Spinosaurian, and Tyrannosaurian. Recently, there has been talk of appointing him and William the first Rainy Basin Habitat Partners. No word yet on when or even if this will happen.
August 24, 2002
Clawfinger, a 16-year old saurian living in Rainy Basin.

I am a Baryonyx from the Rainy Basin. I'm a bright green, with a blue stripe running down each side. I have a dark green stripe running down my snout. I have no memory of my past, but I feel that I must be part of an important family, for none of the larger, dinosaur-eating carnivores have ever bothered me. I'm a diplomat for the Rainy Basin and its residents, as well as an amateur fisherman. I reside in the Rainy Basin, but travel to Treetown quite often to visit my friend, Mishak. Bonabba has some excellent fishing, as well.
November 18, 2002
Amber the Velociraptor, a 28-year old saurian who divides her time between Waterfall City and the Rainy Basin.

My name is Amber, a female Velociraptor. For some reason, unknown to me, when I Hatched, I had blue eyes. I have not made many friends here yet, but have met many people on the Message Board who I would like to call friends. My closest friend is Ellie, a Human Dolphinback. Recently, we decided to be cumspiritik *smile* For a Velociraptor, I am tall at 3ft 5, this means I am strong enough to bear a Human, and Ellie sometimes rides on my back. I do need to get back into shape, which is going to be difficult, partly because I have a fondness for chocolate, and exercise makes me puff. I Hatched and was raised in the Rainy Basin, but my insatiable curiosity (and a rather nice chocolaty scent!!) drew me to Waterfall City. You will now usually find me either in the Basin with the pack I'm part of, or in Waterfall City, or at some point between the two. No-one need fear me, not even some of the smaller saurians or Humans. To the embarrassment of the Pack, I'm...*blush*...a vegetarian. Imagine it! A Velociraptor that dislikes meat! I consider myself a friendly Raptor, so if you want to know more, ask me!
December 28, 2002
BlackFulcrum, a skybax of unknown age living in Waterfall City.

BlackFulcrum is a mystery to everyone, he doesn't talk much although he does know several dinosaur languages and even speaks the human language perfectly, which is strange for a Skybax. He is a loner, and has no real friends, he says he likes it that way, that way he has no one to worry about.

Where he's from no one knows, not even the other Skybax know where he's from, some say he's from the mountains on the south of the Island near the Blackwood plains, others say he's from somewhere on Breakshellpoint, and even others say that he's from somewhere on Outerisland. The strangest theory for his birthplace is that he is from the Forbidden Mountains, but that is rather impossible, as it is too cold for eggs to hatch there. When someone asks about it he replies with: “That is not for you to know” He also doesn't have the same skin colors as other Skybax, for they are colored yellow and red, while he is black and grey. This indicates he might be a sub-species of the normal Skybax.

What is know is that he doesn't live by the same rules that the other Skybax have, on several occasions he has been seen flying past the Stone Sentinels, and one Skybax and his rider have reported seeing him talking to some Pteranodons not far from the Stone Sentinels. He also doesn't allow a human to ride him, he says it limits his freedom, although he sometimes flies together with an other Skybax and his rider, usually to talk to them. He is reported to be one the fastest Skybax there is, easily outflying other Skybax completely.

He doesn't visit the cities of Dinotopia much, but he sometimes comes there to them discuss things he has seen or heard, which by his feeling are important to the humans and dinosaurs of Dinotopia. For his young age he knows very much, and some speculate that he has been to the world below for some of the knowledge, but no one dears to ask him. Although he doesn't spend much time among others, when he isn't flying around Dinotopia he is usually in Waterfall City, where spends most of his time in the library.
Coltzan, a saurian of unknown age living in Rainy Basin.

I'm a red Deinonychus with dark stripes down my back and tail and I have green eyes. I live in the Rainy Basin. I have scars and scratches from many fights. I am a big adventurer; I love exploring and going places. I have many friends some are, Sharptooth the Tyrannosaurus and Talon the Velociraptor (both of whom I have known all my life).
Keecha Windygale the Skybax, a 12-year old skybax living in Canyon City.

I'm Keecha Windygale, your ordinary skybax. My mother was named Breeze, and my father Brighteye. I've lived in Canyon City since I was born, but being a skybax, I fly all over the city. My best friend is an orange Arctyopterix named Flame Firedance. He will travel with me sometimes. I don't have a human rider, but whenever a human is in need of assistance, I'll fly them somewhere.
Kigamafig, a saurian of unknown age living in Waterfall City.

I'm a Microceratops. I'm a scholar at Waterfall City and I research the past of Dinotopia. I'm small but have been around for along time.
Little Hadro, a 12-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

A Little Hadrosaur At His Age. Why Is He Little? He Became Ill At The Hatchery, That Effected Him. He Came To Waterfall City To Learn Art. He Met Bix, They Became Friends, Yet Bix Had Things To See In Dinotopia. He Is In Waterfall City, Accompanied By His Mom And Dad And Brother And Sister. He Is A Brown Hadrosaur And Has Green Stripes On His Back. He Always Wares A Bell Tied To His Neck.
Paddlepaw, a 9-year old saurian living in the Rainy Basin.

I'm a young parasaurolophus. And living in the Rainy Basin is no laughing matter. I mostly spend my nights at Bonabba and stay in thick vegetation to shield me from attack. My trumpet rock is located near the bridge to Bonabba. I don't have human but I do check if it's clear for dinosaurs and humans to come through that area of the Rainy Basin. And sometimes I'm used as a guide through the basin. I've never shielded any body from attack from tyrannosaurs. So that's me, Paddlepaw.
Sapphire, a 19-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I am an Ambulocetus, a very primitive whale. I look like a ten-foot-long cross between an otter and a sea lion with a vaguely crocodile-like head. I'm from Hadro Swamp, but am in Waterfall City to learn from Steelgaze how to become a Swamp Guide. I like to eat fish, turtles, crayfish, and flying foxes.
February 20, 2003
Slash, a saurian of unknown age living in Sabertooth Mountain.

I grew up in Sabertooth Mountain. My mom, Kela, was so beautiful. But when I had to leave her, she was sad. I left because I was four months old and ready to take care of myself. Now I live at the the bottom of Sabertooth Mountain. My partner is Rose, whose parents run a Death Caravan.
February 20, 2003
Leaffoot Dromaesaurus, an over-200-year old saurian living in Volcaneum.

I am a Dromaesaurus. My father was an assistant healer at Volcaneum, and my mother lived in Pooktook. She and I (when I was young) used to greet the convoys after they had passed through the rainy basin. I am now a physicist
May 16, 2003
Jersey Dagmar, a 17-year old dragon living in Waterfall City.

Well, I'm half human/half dragon. I'm a siren dragon. I have a mate and me being a dragon I can leave Dinotopia whenever I wish, but I tell no one in the mainland. Dinotopia is a great place to visit. I love it! I love to make friends as well! I have a ton!
May 16, 2003
Stefan de Velociraptor, a 14-year old saurian who now wanders the island.

Velociraptor, I come from the Rainy basin, but have recently migrated to the more civilized regions with my interest in writing. my book is at this moment starting to take shape.
August 5, 2003
Keela, a 24-year old saurian living in forests of the Outer Island.

I am Utahraptor ostrommaysorum. When I was little, my family rented a boat and, with the help of our friends, a family of Deinonychus, sailed out to Outer Island, to explore and meet new dromaeosaurs, and to get away from the danger of much bigger predators like Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus.
August 13, 2003
Lorana Moonfang, a 12-year old saurian living in Rainy Basin.

I am a velociraptor, I live in rainy basin. My history is such: My father died before I was born, and my mother hates me. I am not sad. I am seeing a young raptor who lives in Waterfall City. He is handsome. It's so great to be in Dinotopia.
August 17, 2003
HardKick, a 15-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I have lived in Dinotopia for all of my life (oviously for a saurion). im a Gallmimus ,i hatched in the Rainy basen, and lost my mother befor i did hatch. *shivers* i saw the body but not the thats where i got me ring from. i suffed a tail injury when a human stood on it when i was only a couple of months old. its never gonna heal proply, but 8 years have seen an improvement. i live in WaterFall city with my adopted Hatchlings and a Dolphin back. i got the home from someone called Sithen, who is or was a Sinosauropteryx. he was killed though, or died, im not sure which. so i got his home. but befor he did die he let me in and cared for me until i was 7. then i left again for the Rainy basen. from which i did something bad out of rage. *sighs* i killed another Gallmimus which all in all made me return to Waterfall city, and find of sithens death. theirfor i have been Living in his ex-home (and its a nice place, but a little small and cramped) im a dry dirt brown over my body with an orange stripe running down my neck to my tail. anything else? ermmmmm i dont think so. *thinks* penut brain penut brain *laughs* im sorry just ignore me.
September 8, 2003
Thygoron, a 11-year old saurian living in Hadro Swamp.

I was born at the hatchery which Arthur Denison came to. I now live in Hadro Swamp. I have visited Waterfall City twice, and thought it was quite lovely.
Blood Stain, a 12-year old sabertooth living in Sabertooth Mountain.

still a bit young but capable of taking care of himself. This Sabertooth decided he's leaving the mountain to make a life for himself
Dragonfang, a 13-year old saurian living in Waterfall City.

I'm a Parasaurolophus named Dragonfang. I used to live a cave by the Polongo River until I met Jason, a human about 13 years old who has silver hair.
Zeta, an over-100-year old skybax living in Tentpole of the Sky.

A very old and wise skybax... I can't fly anymore so I chose to live as close to the sky as possible.
Pali, a 15-year old saurian living in Bent Root.

Hi I'm a corythosaurus my best friend is Madison, she's a year older than me. we became friends because we have so much in common. we both love pink and sky blue. We both like to watch the dolphins play in the waters off the Northern Plains
Flanker, an over- 50-year old skybax living in Sky City.

I am a Quetzalcoatlus Skybax and like BlackFulcrum i have no freinds, marginally due to my non-talkativeness. I was knocked out by another Skybax when i was 40 years old and my memory only goes back ten years because of that.
Polaris, a 12-year old saurian living in Dolphin Bay.

I dint really live in waterfall city but I do deliver things to almost every day. I'm a dolphin I spend lots of my time swimming in Dolphin Bay looking at Sauropolis. Not saurian but there was no dolphin thing.