Current Active Links is the impressively detailed one-stop site for all your Dinotopian needs.

Gurney Journey, the art blog of the man himself.

The Original Message Board is where Dinotopian fandom tends to congregate these days. Post! It may be quiet but the regulars check it nearly every day.

Dinotopia Roleplay is a message board-style round-robin storytelling roleplay. As of June 2012, there were a couple of fans still having adventures.

Fan Fiction Archives’s Dinotopia Section has the most fanfiction in one place besides this site but most of it is miniseries-related and written by younger fans.

Archive of Our Own’s Dinotopia Section is tiny but has slightly better spelling and grammar.

Dormant Fan Sites

Cryptic Memories, Vira Redclaw’s site – great layout!

Parasauropolis is still around. Kie, a parasaurolophus, built a site so you can walk through some of Dinotopia’s capital city.

Rest in Peace

City of Mists was Azonthus’ huge collection of fan works, from art and stories to poetry and archived roleplays. The contents of this library rival the Great Library itself, which is quite something because you can fit an apatosaurus in there. Highly recommended.

Sauropolis Beath was RustFeather’s site, which included some fanfiction and her own art.

Ximuun’s Lair was a site that included a message board but, alas, is no more.