Skies of Dinotopia

Breathe deep, seek peace


Kaak and Altanden, a skybax, serving Waterfall City under Master Rostya.

Master Rostya and Katabatic, a skybax, are the Waterfall City stationmasters.

Jack, an apprentice in Waterfall City, studies under Doctor Roulin, a monoclonius.

Tarny and Elegance, a pair of ramphorynchus, are night nurses at the Waterfall City clinic.

Sergeant Martinez, a dolphinback artist in residence at the Haven of the Muses.

Threx, a protoceratops linguist and Haven of the Muses nestmother.

Arianna and Redstripe, a lesothosaurus, Sauropolian savannah ecologists.

Telii and Alejara, an aguajaceratops, Chandaran savannah ecologists.

Wallace and Tabernacle, a skybax, are beginner fliers assigned to Pteros.

Gideon’s Council

Skybax Stationmasters are master riders assigned to the four major quadrant cities. The stationmasters train, direct, and mentor their particular flock of assigned riders. Other masters may assist in teaching, conducting research, and peer review at each location:

  • Waterfall City (Northwest)
  • Sauropolis (Southwest)
  • Chandara (Southeast)
  • Prosperine (Northeast)

Canyon City is seen as a home aloft, above and apart from regional politics. Following custom from antiquity, all master skybax riders gather for Gideon’s Council to decide on policies and rider assignments, which generally last five years. Though Skybax riders are typically an independent bunch, they are also bound by tradition and defer to the decisions of Gideon’s Council.

Retired riders are welcome but not required to participate; meetings are nominally open to apprentices but the strong culture of respecting the elders prevents apprentices from having much effect. This is cultural and has endured from Gideon’s time after the fall of Poseidos.

When on assignment, riders are expected to soak up every piece of regional knowledge, no matter how trivial – they are servants first and diplomats always. Though a term may vary in length, it is customary to keep riders generally mobile to maintain the necessary sense of detachment: skybax riders work for Dinotopia as a whole, existing as a check to balance regional power-grabbing.

In Kaak’s time, some of the masters feel the riders have become too detached from the daily lives of the people they serve, especially when those people could benefit from the big picture point of view.

Senior Habitat Partners

Aerial: Oolu and Lightwing, a skybax, watch weather, rainfall, pollen, and dust.

Forest: Brakken and Fiddlehead, a chasmosaurus, look after the forests and jungles.

Alpine: Moraine and Bigtusk, a mammoth, care for glaciers, tundra, and high meadows.

Desert: Dorsolith, a euplocephalus, and Seco handle dunes, erosion, water management.

Freshwater: Magnolia and Paddlefoot, a lambeosaur, look after swamps, lakes, and rivers.

Savanna: Draco and Highjump, a struthiomimus care for grasses, reeds, insects, and soils.

Beaches and bays are under the care of the dolphins and David Hasselhoff.

Miscellaneous Skybax Riders

Master Solara flies flies with Turbulence when he’s in Waterfall City, otherwise she’s ground support. Turbulence is a no-nonsense skybax trainer who splits his time between Pteros, Ebulon, and Waterfall City.

Masters Balam and Nightwing coordinate island-wide assignments from Canyon City.

Masters Oolu and Lightwing are senior Aerial Habitat Partners living in Canyon City.

Masters Raideon and Swarthy are the Volcaneum weathermasters.

Master Scip lives alone in the Backbone Mountains.

Masters Tarmac and Saul are an unofficial partnership looking after Pteros.

Masters Farem and Tuscany are search and rescue instructors.

Masters Caesilla and Angelus are Saurpolis stationmasters.

Apprentices Felipe and Spiral are reconnaissance, scouting, searchers, message fliers.

Apprentices Will and Cirrus fly for the northwest quadrant.

Apprenices Sylvia and Nimbus fly for the northwest quadrant.

Apprentices Egelagi and Vinland fly desert border surveillance for Sheriff Tarletal.

Apprentices Pharot and Ganymede fly search-and-rescue specialized under Master Farem.

Apprentices Alec and Acheron are dreamers, young southwest border fliers.

Apprentices Gwen and Freckles fly for the northwest quadrant.

Apprentices Annie and Skimmer fly all of Dinotopia from their home in Canyon City.

Apprentices Araniye and Hustle are heavy load fliers; Hustle will accept other riders.

Apprentices Shulef and Cathedral, a scrappy Chandaran spy and fierce, queenly skybax.

Dawning is an unpartnered, happy-go-lucky skybax.

Rustle is an unpartnered, nervous young skybax.

Zethri, Corona, Anabatic, Gust, Iridescence, Thawthorn, Trades, Typhoon, Broadwing, Vorticical, and Timbuktu are all unpartnered skybaxes.

Beginner Aeharn has been sponsored by Master Rostya from Waterfall City.

Kenneli is a failed skybax trainee who remains in Canyon City as a scribe.