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House of Canyons

House of Canyons is the life-long writing project of Kaak Atlacatl, the rider and life-partner of Altanden, a quetzalcoatlus skybax. As of early 2018, it is being actively updated.

Born in 1850 in Pteros, a ten-year old Kaak met the dolphinback Arthur Denison when Arthur’s son Will began skybax rider training in Canyon City. Arthur’s sketchbook and journal fascinated Kaak, who would struggle as a teenager to find an identity in the shadow of his strict Master Rider father. Eventually denied the opportunity to begin flight training with the skybax of his choice, Kaak left the city on foot.

Kaak knew that no westerners were permitted to travel from Sauropolis to Chandara, so he headed north so as not to cause trouble; he had no idea the rules didn’t mean much to rural folk living far from the capital’s hallowed halls.

Reknowned Sauropolian ecologists Arianna and Redstripe found themselves being followed by Southwest Quadrant Sheriff Tarletal’s spies as they coordinated a savannah habitat conference with Telii and Alejara, their Chandaran apprentices. High above, the skybax riders stayed out of it, infuriating Kaak, who eventually made his way to Waterfall City, far from the shadow of his father.

Certain he’d never don the apprentice uniform, he and Altanden were stunned to be offered a job by Stationmaster Rostya and his partner, Katabatic. Kaak blossomed in Waterfall City, making friends and finding his writing voice, and it wasn’t long before Master Rostya began to teach him to play the ancient philosphical Game of Houses.

Arthur Denison’s Chandaran visit caused no end of consternation to those stoking the flames of fear and division, so Kaak soon found himself aloft on Altanden in an apprentice uniform in service of a united Dinotopia, in explicit opposition to his father.

Widely considered eccentric, Kaak would go on to write the classics Western Skybax and House of Canyons, the subversive Thundering and Mist, and the scandalous Helichoidal.