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Fan Challenges

The Original Message Board has a tradition of fan challenges, usually to celebrate one of the official Dinotopian holidays. We had a bunch of stories submitted for Storyhearth Day in 2009 and 2010, and I ran the Sylvia Appreciation Day in October 2010.

No author’s work is stored here except for my own. Links go to the message board.

2010 Sylvia Appreciation day

These were my contribution to the appreciation day!
Feel free to use these icon bases anywhere: Dreamwidth, Livejournal, the OMB, etc.
Please give credit to James Gurney and feel free to add text!

2010 Storyhearth Day

The Shell by Azonthus
The Road to Enlightenment by Thundertail
The Jungle Man by NA
Keep the Sea on the Right by Kaak
The White Ox by Quickstride
Cirrus and Nimbus: Nursery School by Bigwing
Skybax Jousting Champion by Prince_of_Macedon
Sing Me No Song by Rosa
Adventures of Harmony Ryder on Dinotopia by Rosa

2009 Storyhearth Day

Jules and the Haystack by Ace
Wallister and Tabernacle by Kaak
I’m not a mouse…“ by Thundertail
”">A Chance Encounter by NA
Cirrus and Nimbus by Bigwing
Song of the Rainy Basin by Azonthus