Skies of Dinotopia

Breathe deep, seek peace

Azonthus' House

This is the nefarious photo album! Many a chat has been captured in pictures, and they just happen to end up here. >) Enjoy the insanity!


Once upon a time, two raptors, a struthi, and an ovinutrix decided to play soccer. But the poor raptors had a problem, the claws on their feet would pop the ball!

Deciding to be careful and try it anyway, C’xoila, the deinonychus, kicked the ball. To his great dismay, it got stuck on his foot!

Sadly, the game was over now. Not wanting the fun to end, Vorchia painted the flat ball yellow! But Cyrrus still wanted to play soccer, in frustration, she flung the soccer ball on his head.

Poor C’xoila! His feathered crest got all mussed up!

Candid Pictures of Az's Home Life

CHOCOLATE!!!!!! It shall all belong to Az….

Hey! How did that camera get in here?!

Watch out! C’xoila just couldn’t resist putting that bucket of mud all over Cyrrus.

All hail Queen Vorchia, Queen of England!

Watch out for Vorchia! She just couldn’t resist drawing Azonthus in that hula skirt… Time for a Luau!

And now, for the best birthday party ever! and more adventures...

Happy Birthday FireBane… Happy Birthday FireBane… Hey? Where’s the cake?

Off…. my…head. NOW!

AH!!!!! Squirrel of doom! Can the Cap’n FireBane survive?

nce, Vorchia, dance!