Breathe deep, seek peace!

Greetings! Collected here are stories, poetry, art, and essays from Azonthus’ soon-to-be-closing City of Mists and Kaak’s Pteros Rookery, both of which date from the early 2000s. The idea is to archive these Dinotopian fanworks so long as they still evoke fond memories.

What is Dinotopia? Just a fantastical island in the Indian Ocean where intelligent dinosaurs live alongside the descendents of shipwrecked men and women. The official homepage at describes the series this way:

Dinotopia began as a series of art prints and illustrated books by James Gurney about a lost island shared by human and dinosaurs. Gurney has written and illustrated four volumes in the Dinotopia series – Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, Dinotopia: The World Beneath, Dinotopia: First Flight and the newest volume Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara.

Author and artist James Gurney encourages his fans, especially the youngest writers and artists, to play in and expand the island. The biggest gathering place for Dinotopian fans is probably the Original Message Board. Fans interested in interactive stories can usually find some action at Dinotopian Roleplay.

This is an unofficial fan site!

All images from James Gurney are used under his standing permission for non-profit fan sites. I make no money from this site and I think everyone should visit to buy the original books, read Mr. Gurney’s blog, and generally celebrate the island.